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Pelvic Floor Advance Training with Francesca White

 July 1st - 3rd 2016

‘Re-Awaken the Feminine’

Pelvic Floor Awareness

Health & Healing


A 3-day Feldenkrais Advanced Training Program with Francesca White, Assistant Trainer, Australia.


This workshop is for Feldenkrais Practitioners and 4th year trainees 


July 1st-3rd 2016 (10am - 5pm)

Madrid, Spain



* Recover forgotten or unconsidered ways of sensing, moving & feeling.

* Enjoy learning skillful and rewarding ways to increase the control,      

   suppleness, sensitivity and tone of your pelvic floor muscles 

* Experience gentle, effective physical exercises which address: 

- sexual confidence     - back pain    - prolapse 

- relief from symptoms of menstrual difficulties

- strengthening after menopause 

- healing after surgery or trauma                                

- pre / post natal   - incontinence 

* Examine the feminine power of active receptivity

* Engage in lively discussion, sharing and good humor




In this workshop Francesca will give her perspective of ways to connect the pelvic floor muscles and sphincters to our skeletal structure and it’s organization.  It will introduce participants to aspects of The Feldenkrais Method ® that can help to increase the strength as well as the sensitivity of the pelvic floor.  The workshop is designed practitioners who would like to learn how to work with clients who may experience symptoms such as incontinence, pelvic floor weakness or prolapse as well as understanding how to access core strength.  This way of working has also been useful as part of the preparation for and recovery from pelvic surgery such as a hysterectomy, prostate surgery, bowel surgery, pre and post birth approaches and surgical procedures.  It is also a very useful workshop for people who are simply interested in learning more about themselves.


Some of the points Francesca hopes to cover will be: 


  • How to recognize the muscle groups that can both complement and interfere with the identification and movement of the different pelvic floor muscles and sphincters

  • How to differentiate the function and movement of the superficial perineum muscles and the deeper muscles (e.g. Levator Ani)

  • Finding the relationship between the pelvic floor, the respiratory diaphragm and upright stability.



Biography: Francesca White graduated from the first Melbourne Feldenkrais Training Program in 1991.  She has a background in Yoga, T’ai Chi, and Psychology and  teaches Feldenkrais  programs  internationally. She currently works as a Feldenkrais teacher  with music and opera students at the University of Melbourne Conservatorium of Music.  She has had a special interest women’s pelvic health and awareness over 20 years. 





The Advanced Training will be taught in English and translated into Spanish. 



Information and/or enquiries about bookings for this or future      

workshops or for an individual consultation contact the organizer, 


Aimará Moreno Osío




Telephone: +34 696 032 032 (WhatsApp, sms, calls)






Early Bird (before February 28th 2016): 270€ + Egg Ball (price to be confirmed, aprox 20-30€)


Reservations after March 1st: 300€ + Egg Ball (price to be confirmed, aprox 20-30€)


To take advantage of the Early Bird price, you can pay half of the total amount in advance, before March 1st (135e + Egg Ball), and the remaining half before May 15th (135€).



I would highly appreciate hearing back from you, letting me know whether you:  will attend/ not attend/ are thinking about it / need time to check flights, hotel, etc…



If you need help  booking a place to stay, or need information related to travel or the workshop itself, please don't hesitate to get in contact with me.


If you have personal matters or questions you would like to discuss privately with Francesca White, please let me know, I will happily put you in contact with her. 




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